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Times Advocate: "It’s the smallest brewery ever, but probably not for long"

If the American dream is building a business from scratch with your hands, then Ketchen Smith and Evan Smith (who are not related except as “brothers in beer”) are living that dream.

You’ve heard of tiny houses? The Escondido Brewing Co. is a tiny brewery, with everything to do with the production of beer squeezed into 300 square feet. “The largest room is the restroom,” said Ketchen. “We are the smallest brewery around.”


San Diego Reader: "It's a little less than 300 square feet. We had to be a little imaginative." 

A 14-year homebrewer, Ketchen Smith has long dreamed of leaving his job in the medical device industry to start a brewery. "I wanted to go 15-barrel," he says, "and retire to brewing."

Doing so would probably have required selling his Escondido home and potentially moving his young family to compete in a less saturated beer market. His wife, a fourth-generation Escondidan, had another idea: start small and see if the brewery pans out. So they started very small, brewing out of unused space in a friend's feed-and-pet-supply shop.


West coaster: "Meet Escondido Brewing Company"

Though they’re not related by blood, Ketchen Smith and Evan Smith are bound by their love of craft-beer and their shared project for getting into the business of producing it, Escondido Brewing Company (649 Rock Springs Road, Suite B, Escondido). Longtime Escondido residents, Evan owns and operates his 38-year-old family-business, Escondido Feed and Pet Supply. That is where the new business will be sited, with the 1.5-barrel brewing system installed in a small space in front of the store. Escondido Brewing will epitomize the term nano-brewery…and that’s just the way the non-fraternal Smiths like it.